Bibliophanage: December 2011

I haven’t been buying books lately. Well, not much anyway. I guess it has something to do with paying overdue bills and other expensive matters.

This month I found two books just sitting on the shelf of a bargain bookshop. First up:

This is, in fact, a pleasant surprise. The Flannery O’Connor stories that I’ve read are A Good Man is Hard to Find and A Temple of the Holy Ghost.

A Good Man is Hard to Find is a story about humanity’s tendency for evil (is it natural? inherent?). We discussed the short story in our Philosophy class back in college and I was really blown away by the characters and how the story unfolded.

Unfortunately, I can’t remember the details of A Temple of the Holy Ghost anymore (another story which we discussed in our Philo [on Religion] class).

Next, we have:

I never expected to find a copy of McSweeney’s here in sleepy Naga. And when I saw the cover design I felt like I’ve just had this interior, spiritual orgasm. Also, THE FREE DVD IS FUCKING MISSING. Oh well.


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