Geekery: A Game of VtES

While I was cleaning my room a few days ago I stumbled upon this curious little index card:

my sucky decklist for my Followers of Set vote deck

It only took a fraction of a second for me to be flooded with memories of Vampire: the Eternal Struggle (V:tES).

I first encountered the game way back in my early Freshman year. It was during my second visit to Comics Central Headquarters (CCHQ) where I got the chance to observe this crowd of gamers playing what seemed to resemble Magic: the Gathering. When I looked closely, I noticed that the borders were quite different, plus there were tons of colorful beads on the table. The whole set-up got me intrigued. Soon I was asking Tin (one of the owners of CCHQ) about the game. Around a month later, I bought my very first [pre-constructed] deck, Clan Tremere.

V:tES is actually based on White Wolf’s flagship tabletop role-playing Game, Vampire: the Masquerade. Contrary to the usual CCG tradition of dueling players (one on one), V:tES is very much a social game (a good table consists of four to six players). Instead of just silently flipping your cards (with the occasional table tapping to signify that you’ve just ended your turn), you have to speak with the other players in order to survive. You have to make deals, negotiate, plead. So if you’re the silent type, if you hate talking, you’re as good as dead.

beads, beads, and some cards

These days I don’t play the game anymore (I’m in Bicol and there are no CCGamers here). Around two years ago I received word that White Wolf had finally cancelled the release of new expansion sets for V:tES. The news was a sign that card gaming is, perhaps, almost at its endgame. [Yes, M:tG, I’m looking at you and your fucking expensive cards.]

I love this game so much. I’ve met a lot of interesting and smart people because of V:tES. Perhaps one day a publisher, a new one most probably… or Fantasy Flight Games [hopefully], might get the rights to this game. In fact, V:tES was already sent to torpor a few years back when Wizards of the Coast had decided to stop producing new sets. It was the dedication and constant presence of fans which rescued the game, pulling it out of its shallow grave.

One day V:tES will rise again. One day.

my last tourney

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